Mijn favoriete zinnetjes van de nieuwe The National plaat “I Am Easy To Find”

“Now I'm reading whatever you give me.”

“You had your soul with you, I was in no mood.”

“You have no idea how hard I died when you left.”

“I used to fall asleep to you talking to me; I don’t listen to anything now.”

“I’m always thinking you’re behind me. And I turn around and you’re always there.”

“Put me in your movie, pin me to your wall.” 

“She said, “Please think the best of him.””

“There are police in the museum.”

“You don’t know what it’s like to be around you.”

“Do you think you can carry me over the threshold over and over again until oblivion?”

“It’s the way that you’ve gonna stop needing to tell me you want me as much as I want you to.”

“I know I am easy to find but you know it’s never me.”

“I know, I get it; I’m either at the bottom of a well or spinning into somebody’s outdoor glass furniture.”

“Maybe we’ll end up the ones eating chocolate chip pancakes next to a charity swimming pool.”

“The next time I see you will probably be at some -quote, unquote- “upscale tropical funeral”.”

“I know I can get attached and then unattached to my own versions of others.”

“Maybe we’ll talk it out inside a car with rain falling around us.”

“Sometimes I don’t think I’m really around here half the time; Sometimes I don’t think I’m really around here at all.”

“I will love you like there’s razors in it.”

“You never were much of a New Yorker, it wasn’t in your eyes.”

“I’m still waiting for you every night with ticker tape, ticker tape.”

“Where is her head?”

“I hate my looks, I hate ’em all.”

“Ohio’s in a downward spiral; Can’t go back there anymore since alt-right opium went viral.”

“I am not in Kansas. Where I am, I don’t know where.”

“First testament was really great. The sequel was incredible. Like the Godfathers or the first two Strokes. Every document’s indelible.”

“I’m binging hard on Annette Bening and listening to REM again. Begin The Begin over and over.”

“Now I’m reading whatever you give me.”

“It’s half your fault so half forgive me.”

“My mother needs an army but I’m leaving home and scared that I won’t have the balls to punch a Nazi. Father what is wrong with me.”

“While my real dad’s skate got caught in the ice and he drove us home with a spiral fracture.”

“Roberta Flack the whole way home.”

“The flowers cover over everything.”

“Lay down in the doorway in front of me; make yourself impossible for me to leave.”

“We have friends in good houses. We have kids in trees.”

“Hearing you talk always saves me.”

“The feeling of the rug on her body. The hum from the speakers. She learns how to lie.”

“The feeling of anger, the end of her street.”

“Time in buildings, time in cars. Could she run forever?’

“I liked the old way I thought I was hanging in there.”

“Everybody loves a quiet child.”

“Rylan, California’s rotten.”

“Say that you’re a pervert, you’re a vulture. Don’t you wanna be popular culture?”

“Everybody’s got nowhere to go, everybody wants to be amazing.”

“Eat your pearls on Sunday morning, keep your conversations boring.”

“Don’t let show any emotion when you climb into the ocean.”

“Didn’t know you were gone till we were in the car.”

“The glory of it all was lost on me.”

“I thought I saw your mother last weekend in the park. It coulda been anybody, it was after dark.”